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    Our goal

    Flashtest is inspired by pretotyping, a method coming from Google, which breaks down ideas into testable hypotheses that can be validated quickly.

    Make innovation inexpensive

    Waste is never a good thing. Wasting time, wasting resources, noone likes waste. So many development projects suffer from waste. What if those projects had a way to measure the effect of the project before it put their resources in motion? That is exactly what pree.to delivers. 

    Real people, real insights

    By validating the market for your product idea, we test the effectiveness of the foundation behind your concept. 

    Digital, on-demand content

    Our course offers on-demand content as well as a workshop with Tim. Tim will introduce you to the basics and show your organisation how to innovate efficiently.

    What the course offers

    Think you're ready to explore the world of pretotyping? Even if you are, here's a short overview of what you can expect (10h to complete)

    Flashtest makes us work like a startup and has made it possible for us to market validate new product and concept ideas.

    Patrik Henriksson

    Nordic Talent & Acquisition

    With Flashtest, we got access to experts that tested our business ideas in the market from A-Z.

    Line Dalsfort

    Senior Innovation Lead

    We have successfully strengthened our digital presence over the past years with Flashtests helping us migite risks in the early stages

    Brian Andersen

    E-commerce director

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    Tim Vang

    Tim Vang is educated in the Alberto Savoia school of pretotyping. Yes, that Alberto Savoia. you know, the one that made head honcho at Google AdWords that made over $300B. Well Tim has been schooled in the process of eliminating waste by enabling innovation to be market validated - Before a prototype is developed



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    Trying more ideas results in more successes

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    We all dream of being the catalyst behind company success. With this course, you can be that person.


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    • Access to digital content, all designed to install the pree.to mindset
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    What you will learn

    How to simplify and structure your hypothesis from start to finish to get the right test results

    How to quickly and effortlessly build a test concept - even without any coding skills

    How to use real customer data to decide which of your ideas to pursue

    How to innovate smarter, faster and cheaper!

    • A free, on-demand webinar with Tim Vang upon signing up
    • Curriculum with 4 modules with video and transcription
    • Premium insight on how preeto delivers value by matching business concepts with real users


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